Welcome to COW

If you try logging in to my personal server and experiance a difficulty.. wait 10 minutes and try again as I have a 10 minuate reboot time and it just may be my PC is rebooting.

Apart from this, my personal server should never get shut down (apart form the usual power blackouts) and no third party (see below) can decide to close it due to excessive traffic.

If you want to experience cow running on another server you can try these but be prepaired for it to be slow or not running:
  • my personal server (live cow) fast and has the most current code
  • wolispace.com (the original cow) sometimes shut down by web host
  • cow.bur.st (the first second instance of cow)
  • nationalegend.com (a test of bluehosts capabilities)

    Please note: each server is a seperate cowiverse so even though you may have registered on one, you are not automatically registered on the others (you can shout between them sometimes - when the wind is blowing in the right direction)

    Try shouting or doing things loudly as I have these all daisy-chained together and you should hear loud noises no matter which one your in.

    For the record, my personal server is: AMD Athlon 64 3000 chip 1 Gig RAM with WinXP
    perl, mysql and all cow files are loaded on a 32 MB RAM-drive so no hard disk access (backed up to hard disk every 5 mins)
    Im using Abyss web server (I do prefer tiny.exe but it had its limitations)
    Its on a 100Mbit LAN which is connected to ADLS2+

    Note: sometimes we play Black and WHite 2 on this PC but I doubt you will notice.

    By no means the fastest setup in the block but cow runs fine in it (I had 15 concurrent users connected over the net and it was only using up 50% CPU).

    This does indicate a limit of about 30 people in one cowiverse at a time but I have plans on streamlining cow in the future which should help dramatically.

    cow was originally designed to run on a virtual web-host where I would have no control over the maintenance and processing. Now I have my own personal server all this can change - this may result in splitting the back-end and client scripts and who knows what else!